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ART logics is a designer and distributor of Automotive Test Systems for professional Reliability (Environmental) and EMC products validation.

Our test solutions are characterized by a high degree of efficiency, a modular and  expandable concept with short lead-times, allowing the user to step-by-step upgrade, modify and re-use the entire system.Following our motto “Continuous Improvement”, we permanently improve the design, capacity and efficiency of our test systems.

Therefore we won’t spare any effort in customizing our standard equipment to meet your unique needs, just contact us!



ART logics products are reliable solutions to create Automotive ECU Test Equipment at best cost. Our Automotive ECU Test System is flexible and based on our own products. ART 1000 and TCU 100 are two powerful equipment to test all your ECU. Our loadboxs can easily be modified and all our products can be reused.

ART logics creates also solutions of accessories like harnesses, break-out box or EMC loadbox in order to support you in your validations. We also design small electronic boards to simulate sensors or measure currents that can be used in stand alone or inside our equipments.

Every month, ART logics create some new solutions. So to get the last one, just contact us !



ART logics can support your test activities with many services. Thanks to high skilled professional and automotive engineers, we can explain how realised Customized Test Tools, or how doing a efficient test plan.

ART logics has a class room EMC design guidelines training, can support the customer needs of writing EMC tests plans, specifications or report templates. We have also build EMC labs.

Regularly we organize the automotive electronic product design verification and prepare Function Test and Life Time Test benches and equipment to perform it. To know all our services, just contact us !

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